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Our Law Office provides a wide range of legal services both to natural persons and entrepreneurs.


We divided the scope of our activities into 7 major  fields of law, including: 


I.              Criminal law, fiscal penal law and offence law


Within this field of law we offer such law services as:  


·         legal advisory, written legal opinion, consultations at each stage of legal proceedings,

·         Legal representation as defense attorney before the court, public prosecutor office, Police, or any other public authorities during trial or proceedings,

·         Legal representation as a subsidiary prosecutor in criminal courts acting on behalf of victim of crime or relative to the victim,

·         Filing motions in order to compensate damages caused due to crime or offence,

·         Legal representation, consultations, oral and written advises during criminal proceedings based on the Fiscal Penal Code or Fiscal Audit Act.

·         Legal advisory may be served at our office during meeting or at Client’s seat. On Client’s request we can discuss the case over the phone via e-mail or organize digital conference.



II.             Civil law


Within this field of law we offer such law services as:  


·         Complex legal representation before all courts of general jurisdiction and Supreme Court in all civil law related cases,


·         drafting legal opinions, statements of claim, statements of defense, appeals, complaints, motions in order to levy court execution, defense actions on behalf of the debtor before the court whilst execution proceedings.


·         Contract law: drafting letters of intent, drafting projects of agreement, reviewing contracts,  nagotiating terms of the agreement, analyzing financial and legal consequences of an agreement, supervision over the agreement implementation or execution,


·         Family and guardianship law: complex legal help in the field of Family law including representation in: divorce and seperation cases, division of property, denial or determination of paternity/maternity, filing motions in order to determine parental authority or contacts with a child.


·         Law of inheritance: Complex legal services regarding entitlements to inherit an estate from statutory law or from the testament, filing motions in order to achieve ascertainment of inheritance, appointing the executor of the testament, estate protection and estate distribution, cases involving unworthy heir, simple acceptance of the inheritance, acceptance with the benefit of the inventory,  


·         Intellectual property rights and personal rights: We offer comprehensive legal help for purposes to promote intellectual property, personal rights of every individual and find legal remedies against all violation of those rights, i.e. bringing an action to Court to file a statement of claim for royalties, copyright violations. We focus on how to safeguard intellectual property rights before it is violated by a third party,


·         Reprivatisation – Property restitution in Poland

We provide complex legal service involving recovery of debts and legal restitution of real estate properties which have been wrongfully seized by the polish authorities after the World War II and have not been returned to their previous owners or their heirs till now. In order to do so, our office estimates chances of property restitution and value of compensation or real estate. We represent our Clients before courts or municipal authorities in all the necessary legal actions starting from inheritance proceedings in order to achieve ascertainment of inheritance, and ending with judicial decision. 



III.            Commercial law


We offer comprehensive legal services for small and medium entrepreneurs, served at day by day scheme or for the purpose of particular case. Our Law office offers especially:

·         Legal support in daily activities of a company,

·         Establishment and registering newly founded companies in National Court Register,

·         Conducting company’s liquidation, transformation or division processes,

·         Drafting company’s internal regulations and documents, i.e.: articles of association, company’s deed,

·         Due-dilligence - legal audit,

·         conducting out of court or court debt collection proceedings, which include conciliation due to signing notary or regular written agreement,

·         securing claims before making an official claim  to prevent debtors from wrongful disposal of their assets,  

·         conducting enforcement proceedings after a court verdict,

·         legal support in order to obtain a licence or administrative permit for conducting a particular business activity,

·         drafting legal opinions,

·         participation during negotiation between contracting partners,

·         legal representation before courts of any instance and Supreme Court,

·         legal representation before voivodship administrative courts and Supreme Administrative Court.



IV.            Tax law


Within this field of law we offer such law services as:  

·         drafting legal opinions in the scope of polish and EU tax regulations,

·         tax advisory in terms of tax aspects of choosing a particular type of business activity or signing an agreement,

·         legal advisory on choosing the right and most beneficial form of taxation, 

·         legal representation before Tax Office, Tax Chamber, Fiscal Audit Agencies, administrative courts,

·         preparation official notice or appeals in tax related legal proceedings before Tax Authorities, ,

·         providing assistance in filling out tax declarations or any other tax documentation,

·         providing legal representation as a defense attorney before criminal courts in all cases subjected to Fiscal Penal Code regulations.


V.             Administrative Law


Within this field of law we offer such law services as:  

·         Drafting official letters, motions and appeals during proceedings before local or central administrative authorities,

·         Obtaining administrative decisions – permits, licenses and concession,

·         Obtaining building permits,

·         Legal representation before local or central administrative authorities,

·         Legal representation before voivodship administrative courts and Supreme Administrative Court,

·         Tax advisory,

·         Advisory and legal representation before UOKiK (Office of Competition and Consumer Protection), GIODO(General Inspectorate of Consumer Personal Data Protection).



VI.            Public procurement law


Within this field of law we offer such law services as:  

·         reviewing tender documentation,

·         legal verification of winning competitor’s tender correctness,

·         Legal advisory and assistance during whole process of tender procedures,

·         Drafting protests, complaints and appeals,

·         Representation before National Chamber of Appeal,

·         Representation before Court of Competition and Consumer Protection.



VII.           Labour law


 Within this field of law we offer such law services as:  

·         Legal analysis and advisory within the scope of labour law,

·         Drafting employment agreements,

·         Drafting entrepreneur’s labour law related internal documentation, i.e.: work guidelines, remuneration regulations,

·         Drafting non – competition agreements,

·         Starting a court action for the purpose of reinstatement of employment or compensation,

·         Resolving disputes resulting from employment contracts,

·         Legal representation before admistrative authorities or court. 


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